We work on many makes.

We work on many makes.
Call me and order.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Everyone does the same thing every month....

They come in during the last week of the month to get the car inspected.      It works for most.   It does not for all.     We had a man real mad last night.     He waited till two days left in the month,    had a cracked mirror,   and was mad when we told him next week on getting a new one.      Another had warning lights on.     There is nothing we can do with that.    We have to fix the problem.    Than the car has to be driven miles to reset the system.     Which , sorry,   might be next week.     Next month.     Yes you might have to drive around with a out of date sticker.   

Don't Wait!       Come in the first week.     You gain nothing by waiting.    It costs the same the first week,   as it does the last.    

Great guy we work for brought pizza for lunch!

Yes one of our fine people we fix cars for brought us pizza.     Many a pizza.     I think there was four large ones with the fixings.      Good guy.     To nice to us.     Thank you sir!

The Police Dodge should be back at work this weekend!

I would love to see them get new units.     But we did get the old one back on it wheels.     Another motor.       One that runs like a top.      One that doesn't have a problem with it's head gasket.      I can not wait to see it drive off,   and stay away for awhile.     

She will be back on the border keeping us all safe again.    

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Okay we have a new guy....Two of them!

Ever have the new guy tell you a story about something you could care less about,   when you are just cranky.?      Yes I admit being cranky most of the time.     But dude!      I am not here to be your best friend ,  and sure are not planning on getting you through it.     I am just not that dude.     I want my cold Coke,   candy bar,   and some tunes.    Nothing more. 

The other dude is a new sales guy.     He is a t least more or less keeping to his self.    I like that.   

End of the month crash!

Everything comes due at the end of the month.    Even here.    Need to do returns.     Core returns.     Clean up the junk that's sitting around.    Put away a bunch of stuff.      

Almost over the top and still okay.....Maybe. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where is the Zombie Addition Truck?

I think a factory set up truck for the zombie outbreak would sell like pizza on a Friday night.

I mean for real,     people would buy it.

Go get him Bro!       

Special cargo areas.       Possible gun company hook ups.

Things would be fairly normal,    and you still would need a good pickup.     

The process to cover a battery....OMG!

Prepare for a long story.

Starts with man telling me that yes indeed his battery in his Jeep is dead.     Has been jumped several times.     Keeps ending out dead.    

The battery is a 84 month one.     he bought it three years ago.     So yes it has some time they pay for.    Some coverage left.

So you have to put the battery (in the Jeep)  on the testing station to find out the basic truth.   Is it the battery,    or something else.

That machine is about as fast as watching paint dry.     It took about a hour and a half.      OMG it was bad.     

Guy was nice about it,    and still.....I thought it would never end.

I had to make a call to get info on how to pro rate it.     Nice lady from Jeep helped me.    I just picture the above.      Okay it must have been her.

The service manager and I did the math.      The tester said the battery was done.     

Had to have a runner drive 30 miles away,    get a new battery,    and now it is replaced.     

Just have to finish the paperwork.       It took THREE HOURS to replace that battery under the program!          I think I would never wait for it like that.      But the man is okay.     The Jeep is fixed. 

Fraking Ghost Town this mourning at work.

I came in on time.     Looked around.     Found about four other fellow workers.      O and the new guy in the shop.       Rest?      They came in 15  minutes late.      One person has only been with us a week or so.     I mean really?       Over the last twenty some years I have been late about.....NONE!     Hey I am not perfect.     But unless I tell someone,    I'm there about a half an hour early.....EVERY DAY!     New people just not showing up on time,   and some of the vets.....What is that? 

You go Waylon!

We all just want to relive the good old days when you could jump a bridge or the front end of the car.      All with a less than questionable flag on your car.      

I just love playing the song and thinking about trying to jump a bridge with my car.     I did once.      We lived.     It was about the weirdest trip I ever took.     Almost didn't make it. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I am ready to go out and play with a sports car.     Dam the Winter staying on!     Heck Spring has not even came near us.     It's like it's running away every night.

It's time to take a Wrangler out camping.

Bat Girl wants to kick the tires and lit the fires!

We all want to take our best gale out for a drift!

Maybe a stunt or two?   

Our dogs are ready for a ride to go get ice cream!

YES!     Break the buttons!

Glad I didn't take the snow tires off.

It's another late April day in the North Country.    Snow on the roads.    Wind.    Power went out once here too.     Not for long.     But went once.      Tell you,  snow tires made the driving okay.     It was ice covered fun this mourning.    The news stated we should have rain later,   clear up tonight,   and back warm in a few days.     Hope they are right.   Hope it stays. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Chrysler made some 33" tires available.

If anyone wants to hop up their truck,     the tires are going to be on the program.    You can make your truck into a trail runner.      Go way back for that turkey hunting in May.

You can make that Jeep climb some rock. 

After market and used.....Just eats up time.

I called on a Honda for front pads,   rotors ,  and a used glove box.     OMG it took two hours just to get someplace with it.     What's the engine,   is it a ES?      What grade to you want on the brakes?    

Had to have four basic,    I thought,   205 tires.        Again!     Took several calls.      I came up with some answers.     Then I waited for the brass to decide.      It was just a crazy mourning.     

I found the glove box two hour later.     Be a few days coming.     Tires went to my online program.       Ordered a bunch of brakes.     Now I wait for the next runner with nothing to do.   

Friday, April 22, 2016

The dream motor.


Big-Torque Chrysler 400 Engine Build - Stump Puller

Dropping a 400 into a car or truck,    taking balls to the wall,    and burning off the tires!

Mopar 470 Truck Pulling Engine Bottom End

That block above just isn't a coffee table for a motor-head.     It's art!

Mopar 470 Truck Pulling Engine Pump Cover

Man look at the oil lines!

Mopar 470 Truck Pulling Engine Intake Manifold

You can look into the mouth of that intake and picture the gas she would eat!

Mopar 470 Truck Pulling Engine Dyno


Mopar 470 Truck Pulling Engine Torque Results

Mopar 470 Truck Pulling Engine Installed

That baby LOVES IT"S HOME!

You really need to know the job.

Just had a lady who has a overheat issue.       It needs parts and pieces on the motor that keeps the coolant flowing correct.      She stated if you have the parts,    go right ahead.      

I wasn't the only person that looked at her,   asked,   do you have several hours today?       

The old days of just replacing a thermostat,    adding back the coolant,   and running it are gone.       It just isn't that easy anymore.      Start by tearing the front off the motor.      Replace a bunch of gaskets.       Hope nothing leaks.     Run it,   send it.      

Thursday, April 21, 2016

When questions come up about a tire....

Like it's low on air and or flat.      Stop right there!      Pull it!     Put it in the trunk if you can.   Bring it in.    Let us look at it.     Because running it can end out with a ruined tire.    You run it,   ruin it,   and the tire company will not help you.      Had that one today.    Man found it flat in storage.     Aired it.     Tried to drive to us.    It went flat on the way.    Tore it up.     I feel bad,   and still I can't do anything about it.    The man must buy another tire.     

Hubs and Bearings day!

The guys have done two already today,    and more are coming in.    Must be the Winter was bad on bearings.      I bet the cold was the issue.     Up and down temps,    driving many a miles,   and wear caught up with them.      

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ever have that bolt you can almost just get?

I felt so bad for one of the guys today.     Just turn it inches and cry. 

I almost hit a turkey this mourning.

I was driving along,    kind of in a not caring kind of place,   and out came Tom turkey.    Wondered right out onto the high way.     Walking like he thought he was all there was in the Universe.     I had to drop out of 70 real quick!      I looked at him,   almost beeped the horn,   and he looked right back.     Almost daring me to hit the gas.      Go ahead!     I waited,   worried about something coming,   and we all lived to see another day. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Have you heard about the Dodge Ram Box?

You can now buy a truck that is ready for all your sporting needs.

So many ways to enjoy the truck.

Fishing being my fav.

Next tailgate party you can be the champ.

Maybe that next trip to the drive in,   save some money.

Do you own a business that needs tools to be handy?     Look at the handy!

Remember when you had to take that work truck to a shop to get it ready for the work sight?   It is now ready off the lot.     Ram has came a long way over the years.     Have to love it.